Our Story

  Many years back, when First and I decided to get married, we were not able to find an offering for wedding invitations that made us happy. We felt that, for a once in a lifetime event, we deserved something we would be proud to give to our friends and families. Something we could truly appreciate and cherish for years to come; a lasting keepsake. Since First was a graphics designer and quite handy with crafts, we decided to create our own; something uniquely personalized and handmade. The invitations were well received. We were so overwhelmed with compliments, that we were motivated to start a small invitation business so that others could have a unique and personalized invitation as well. And here we are today, after more than 13 years, passionately creating memories for many wonderful couples. Through the years, we have created a niche market for our business. And surpassing our wildest expectations, we have found ourselves catering to actresses, models, dignitaries, celebrities and other notable persons not only from Thailand, but many other countries as well. Our reputation has spread throughout South East Asia and westward; garnering attention and visits from clients as far as Qatar and Dubai. We are overwhelmed with pride each time we see the astonished faces of our clients as they set eyes on their wedding invite for the first time. We are driven to even higher expectations because of the appreciation and admiration you have given us. A warm Thank You goes out to all of you. Thank You all for the years of passion your joy has given us. With much love and gratitude, Bon & First